About Families

Our Community

The diverse range of cultural backgrounds within the J B Cleland community contributes to the richness of the curriculum as traditions, values and beliefs are respected and are an integral part of the opportunities for children’s learning. We build trusting relationships with children, families, educators and the wider community and support equitable outcomes for all children through professional learning, inquiry and reflective practice.

The Governing Council is a parent body, which is elected to assist with the general administration and management of the kindergarten. The council works collaboratively with the Preschool Director to discuss and manage the Preschool, funds, maintenance, fundraising, community involvement, any issues and so on. We encourage your participation at this level, as the quality of our service relies on the effort and support of the families within the preschool. The Governing Council meets 8 times a year at a time that suits the majority of its members, and is an enjoyable way to get to know other families in the community. For more information please visit the Department for Education website. We would love to have you on the Governing Council, please chat with our Director to find out how to get involved or about other volunteer roles.