Each child is eligible to 15 hours of preschool which is offered as two full day sessions each week. Families can opt to have their child attend either on a Monday and Tuesday or a Wednesday and Thursday each week.

Preschool Times

Group 1:
Monday & Tuesday
8:15am – 3:00pm

Alternate Friday’s 8:15am – 11:15am

Group 2:
Wednesday & Thursday
8:15am – 3:00pm

Alternate Friday’s 8:15am – 11:15am


Enrolment Procedures

All eligible children are entitled four terms of kindergarten before going to school. In supporting each child’s transition into kindergarten, orientation visits are offered in the term prior to their kindergarten year.

We take enrolment details from parents of children from 2 years of age. The child is then placed on a Register. At times when enrolments are high, resulting in a limited number of places available, our Priority of Access Policy will be imposed (details available in our kindergarten handbook).

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